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Nicolas's Prescriptions for Fabulous Hair

Help! My hair is colored and it seems to fade after a few weeks. I want the color to last until my next salon visit.

Nicolas Rx: Try COLOR FRIENDLY SHAMPOO. This shampoo has a rich lather, delightful scent, and it has a special ingredient that will help to hold the color molecules in the hair shaft, helping to prevent fading.


Help! I have a dry scalp & often have issues with flakes. I need a shampoo that will help with this condition.

Nicolas Rx: Try DEEP CLEANSING SHAMPOO. Its invigorating blend of Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint will soothe your scalp and reduce flakes.

If you have colored hair, try volumizing Shampoo for Normal Hair. Chamomile & aloe aid in moisturizing and soothing an irritated scalp.


Help! My hair is chemically straightened and I have extensions. What shampoo and conditioner can I use that won't harm my extensions or lead to the curl returning?

Nicolas Rx: Try XTREME CREME GENTLE SHAMPOO and XTREME CREME CONDITIONER. Both of these products are sulfate and paraben-free and will not harm your extensions or affect the duration your chemical straightening.


Help! My hair is curly and I want straighter, body-rich hair.

Nicolas Rx: Try SLEEK. It's a botanical-rich rich leave-in conditioner & softening balm in one. It will straighten and control your curly hair, removing the frizz, and leaving it manageable and super shiny.


Help! My hair is very curly and I want super straight, smooth hair.

Nicolas Rx: Try STR-8-N. Work it evenly into your towel-dried hair and proceed to blow dry. STR-8-N will make even the curliest hair soft and straight. Or, if you use a flat iron, try SIN-SATIONAL SHINE. Its lightweight, aerosol mist will leave your hair slick straight, smooth and shiny, plus it won't stick to your flat iron.


Help! My hair is dull and damaged-looking and I want a high, glossy finish.

Nicolas Rx: Try SILK DROPS. Just a drop of this highly concentrated instant shine gel will give your hair a brilliant gloss and healthy shine.


Help! My hair is baby fine and flat and I want overall fullness.

Nicolas Rx: Try GEL MOUSSE. It's a firm hold styling liquid that turns into a rich foam. It prevents breakage and split ends, and it protects your hair from the damage caused by blow dryers and curling irons. It leaves your hair looking full and soft, with strong hold. You can also try out hottest new product for soft fullness and volume: BLO-UP! This light styling cream gives your hair outrageous fullness that always looks natural.


Help! My curly hair is always frizzy and when I use a product on it, it gets that hard & "crispy" feel. I want soft, defined curls.

Nicolas Rx: Try CURLVACIOUS. Special botanical agents assist in softly defining and texturizing your curls, never leaving hair dry or "crispy". You get the soft, touchable, sexy curls you desire!


Help! My fine hair is flat at the root and my style lacks body. I want fullness at the root.

Nicolas Rx: Try COOL SHOTS OF VOLUME. CSV is revolutionary product that adds lift, dimension & volume. You can place CSV's light foam-to-lotion spray wherever you need extra volume.


Help! I want my layered hair to look sexy and wispy, with a matte finish.

Nicolas Rx: Try WEB-N. This dry pomade enables you to create sexy separated, wisps that look natural & touchable.


Help! I want the feeling of thicker, fuller hair, just like I've spent the day at the seashore.

Nicolas Rx: Try PUMP-IT-UP. 'PIP' is a salt-infused spray with a delicious scent that you can use on wet or dry hair to retexturize and thicken it. It gives your hair that 'I've just been to the beach' tousled, sexy look.


Help! My hair is lacking in definition. I want a piecy, separated, "bed head" look.

Nicolas Rx: If you want a defined, partsy "bed head" look to your hair, try Mold-N MUDD. This pomade can be applied all over or just to the ends for extreme hold and definition.

If you want a bit softer, but still separated look, try TUF STUF. This molding paste can be used on wet or dry hair to create wispy, spiky styles.


Help! My hair is fine and flat and I want all over volume.

Nicolas Rx: Try Tra-N-sform. This volumizing mist adds volume without ever feeling heavy and sticky.

BLO-UP is another product that can add volume to your whole style. This rich cream volumizes fine hair, leaving it soft and full of shine.


Help! I can't get my hair to hold a style. What can I do?

Nicolas Rx: Try one of our Styling Gels for all day lasting hold. STIF STUF is a firm-hold gel that is great for scrunching or slicking back hair that needs a firmer hold.

SPRAY MISTY 4 ME spray gel is a quick way to achieve a look with staying power. Spray a pump or two on wet hair, style and go!


Help! I have super-short hair that I style in a "fauxhawk". I want gravity-defying hold that lasts & lasts.

Nicolas Rx: ROK-N HRD gel is a mega-hold gel, designed especially for short hair -- perfect for gravity defying styles. Special fibers in the gel allow it to hold the hair wherever your imagination takes it!


Help! I have short hair and want definition & texture.

Nicolas Rx: Try MOLD-N-MUDD. This fun, fashion-friendly styling mud gives any style separation, texture, and detailed definition.


Help! My hair is short and I want it to look piecy, but shiny and soft, not greasy or dull.

Nicolas Rx: Try WEB-N Dry Pomade. This revolutionary product goes to great lengths to lift, texturize and mold the hair. Unlike other pomades, it dries soft and shiny, never dull or greasy.


Help! I need a hairspray that I can use while I am hot-styling my hair.

Nicolas Rx: Try DESIGN SPRAY. This spray can be used to style or volumize with or without heat (it won't stick to your hot styling tools!). DESIGN SPRAY is both brushable and touchable, and it won't build up, flake, or dry out your hair.


Help! I need a hairspray that has super strong hold, but is touchable and natural looking.

Nicolas Rx: Try HOL-DIT. This extra-hold, shaping and control mist provides texture, natural shine & long-lasting, touchable support. HOL-DIT makes any style last all day!


Help! I need a hair spray that has strong hold but is non-aerosol.

Nicolas Rx: Try FIRM HOLD NON-AEROSOL SPRAY. This strong-hold, quick freeze spray is packaged in a pump top bottle. It can be used on wet or dry hair, without ever flaking or feeling sticky.



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