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Welcome to Nicolas™ Hair Care System!

Click to enter storeWe offer a full line of hair care products including shampoos, conditioners,
styling, and color care products.

Our system is pleased to use only human hair keratin, whole wheat, and
vegetable protein in the formulation of our products.

Whenever possible, botanical ingredients are packaged in recyclable
containers as we attempt to support and promote the ecological health of our planet.

There is no animal testing!

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Our Philosophy

High-quality, botanical ingredients make a high-quality product.

Nicolas Hair Care Systems provides only top-quality products. We use only Human Hair Keratin in our products.
When possible, we will use natural, botanical products instead of artificial synthetics.

A cleaner, cruelty-free planet

A Happier Planet

Our Location

We are located in the beautiful Nikko Hotel, at
222 Mason St. San Francisco, CA, 94102

We are a small company and cannot supply free samples of our products, so please do not request them.

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